Sherlockian Relics - Vol. 2 (Pre-order only)

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This set is on backorder but will be shipped in June after Brettcon.

Included in Volume 2:

The Six Napoleons Bust 
Complete with the Black Pearl of the Borgias nestled in its base, the solid plaster bust is available in its original unpainted variant as well as the screen-accurate fully painted variant for an additional fee.

Irene Adler Picture Frame
Made of synthetic leather, this recreation of the Victorian style "traveling frame" is reversible and allows its owner to display the photo upright on a shelf, or flat for safekeeping in a locked drawer. The photo of Irene Adler is free with the purchase. 

Persian Slipper
Where else would any respectable Sherlockian keep their tobacco but in the toe end of an authentic Persian slipper? Each slipper has been handmade in the traditional Pakistani style and slightly aged to match the apparent wear and tear of the on-screen prop. 
Death Of Sherlock framed Note
One of Dr. Watson's most treasured possessions, the note Holmes left atop the falls of Reichenbach after his fateful encounter with Professor Moriarty. The handwritten note appears on three aged pages of notebook sized paper mounted inside a silver style frame.

Gelder & Co shipping box
Made for safekeeping of the Napoleon bust and doubles as a prop from Herr Mendelstam's shop in Stepney. 

Due to the handmade nature of these products, all sales are final. Please refer the Hudson's Housekeeping segment of the Silver Blaze episode of the podcast for more information on this set.